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All translations will be provided by translators working at SIA DODAM. The company was founded in March, 2006 as a translation and interpretation services company. SIA DODAM offers translations in numerous language combinations in which Latvian is either the source or the target language. (Find out more about the language combinations by clicking on this sentence.) Currently, the company is shifting towards becoming a creative media company with translations being one for the offers provided by our team of virtual assistants.

    Thus, as an extension to ordinary translation services, we also offer video editing and subtitling in Latvian and English. A subtitled and beautifully illustrated video footage of your family history could be a valuable gift to your family family members. By ordering translations, subtitling and video editing directly from Latvia, you'll not only receive services at more competitive prices than what you can find in the USA, UK or elsewhere outside Latvia (because their companies order translations from us); you'll also feel good that you've helped Latvian economy while saving your money at the same time. 

    Please contact Līva Anderšmite at or regarding translation of documents or any other types of translations, video editing and subtitling. She will give you a price estimate. If you decide to place an order, your payment will be safely processed by PayPal. (You don't need to have a PayPal account for that.)

    SIA DODAM client service representative

    Līva Anderšmite, Client Service

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