The only guide you need to learning to ask for and understand directions and locations in Latvian

Filips Berzins - the successor of teacher & coach Ilze Be Berzina

Filips Berzins is a son of Ilze Be Berzina, the creator of several highly rated digital courses and coaching-training programs for learners of Latvian. Filips helped Ilze from the very start back in 2017 as an actor in her signature course videos "Latvian 4 English Speakers". "Locations & Directions in Latvian" is Filips' debut as a teacher, trainer and coach working with groups.

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About this offer

Understanding descriptions of object locations as well as how to ask for directions and understand them when given is one of the fundamental skill American Defense Language Institute tests on those to be deployed overseas from the USA. The skills you will have acquired after completing this program are very necessary essentials.

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One of the things you want to learn are location-specifying words. English equivalents of them are "in front", "next to", "further down", "past", "on the top", "under" and others. 

However, in English, if you put a location-indicating word between two object-indicating words, it's usually enough to convey the idea about their relationship. 

For instance, if you are looking for your key and someone says, "The key is under the bag," you know that the the key is under the bag and not vice versa. It's not so simple in Latvian.

In Latvian, the "bag" could be the first word in the phrase while the sentence could still mean that the key is under it. The endings of words will tell which it is.

This is what Filips is helping his students with. His strategy is first to explain the missed concepts, then, create situations that allow to drill the concepts in using repetitions. To prevent students from getting bored, he provides materials vocabulary expansions while keeping students on the track by sticking to the intended framework and theme of locations and directions.

What's included

Ten Zoom sessions in a small group environment so that you can have direct access to your coach Filips.
Recordings of the Zoom sessions as well as downloads of notes that are exchanged during the chat.
Charts and tables from Ilze's course "Latvian 4 English Speakers" that Filips will use to teach you the relevant language concepts.
Notes form of email from Ilze Be who is occasionally going to review the recordings and provide additional guidance.

About Filips B. Berzins

Teacher of Latvian, Student of Finances

Filips was born in Latvia and attended Sigulda elementary school until he moved to the town of Rolesville in USA in 2013. there, he studied at Thales Academy where he founded a Culture Diversity Club and particularly excelled at Latin. After graduation, he enrolled at Appalachian State University where he is studying finances, Latin and has been active as a public speaker.  On March 28, 2022, he performed as a speaker at a Ted-Talk-like event "Panorama" in Boone. 

What you'll learn

Location/direction words & phrases the way Latvians use them

Translating phrases word-by-word doesn't work. Filips will model how native Latvians would give descriptions and directions.

How to make sense of weird word order Latvians use 

Latvians make sense of what is being said by paying attention to the endings of words. It's not as bad as it sounds and you can learn it too.

To listen, understand and speak by repeating what you hear

Hearing things said in various ways makes you get used to picking out familiar phrases and prepare for interactions with natives in Latvia.


1. How do I know that I am a good fit for learning with Filips? 

This offer is for beginner learners of Latvian who can read Latvian letters and words and have learned some words and phrases, but who still haven't grasped the main concepts. For a better understanding of what a perfect student looks like, please check out the video that features Filips' work with his client Mikelis.

2. How small are the small groups Filips works with? 

For a limited time, while he is still finetuning his tools and methods, Filips is still offering to work in 3 to 4 student groups. It is Filips' intent to work with larger groups in the future.

3. What are the starting dates of the next groups? 

Once a group of 3 or 4 is formed, Filips will start to work with it immediately and will hold lessons weekly. In order to prevent interruption of flow, lessons will be rescheduled only by a majority vote.

4. How are the hours for the start time of sessions set? 

After you purchase the course, you will be asked about your preferred days and hours translated in Eastern Time Zone, USA. Answers from other clients will be collected and you will receive communication via email. In the case no solution that matches your time preferences can be matched, you will receive a refund.

5. What will happen after I pay? 

You will receive your copy of the digital invoice from ILZE BE LLC. Since this is not a digital product, but rather a coaching offer, it will personal (not automated). Therefore, you will not receive an access to any course website. What you can expect is that no later than within 24 hours, you will receive an email either from Ilze or Filips directly with questions about your current proficiency level, expectations and preferred days and times. You will also be informed about further communication and steps. We care about our brand, so we are reachable and responsive.

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Contact Time: 10 hours
Learning Time: your pace
Difficulty: Beginner

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