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Crucial to master!

I highly recommend the “Sounds & Writing” course for ANYONE wishing to understand or speak Latvian.   Regardless if you are a complete novice, or someone like myself who grew up in the Latvian Diaspora, it is essential to learn the fundamentals of the language.   The alphabet, sounds, intonations, and basic pronounciations are crucial to master before anything else.  

Ina about Sounds & Writing

Ina Rihani


Almost too good!

I am doing the S & W course with my daughter to help start her off with Latvian and improve my residual knowledge from my childhood in London with my Latvian Mum & Dad. I think it is excellent, and it is providing Ros and I some structure[...]   It is taking us a long time to get through it as we both work full-time so we fit in a session at weekends whenever we can[...]  Perhaps there is almost too much good stuff in it… 

Esme Zarins


Super helpful!

I don't have much problem in general hearing the sounds or spelling but I like to do the dictation. I think for those that haven't heard the language it is super helpful. I found it helpful, and have heard Latvian most of my life. The course is good also for people who have never known any Latvian.  

Ruth Pierce


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