Learn Conversational Latvian online in small groups

Conversational Latvian is a new option that Team Ilze Be provides to her online students. 

Irina Shilova

Currently, we are offering a 12-class course "Conversational Latvian with Irina." It is course that is taught by Irina Silova. 

Irina is a co-owner of the Latvian translation company "Dodam" that Ilze Be Berzina founded in Latvia in 2006. Irina has been working with Ilze's students who have bought the course "Latvian 4 English Speakers". 

Now, while Irina was preparing her set of lessons "Conversational Latvian with Irina", she also consulted Ilze Be. 

Irina's course will be good for students who have some basic knowledge of Latvian. It is not for complete beginners who do not know Latvian letters and sounds. We expect that you also know some words and phrases.

To inquire, please e-mail Irina at info@ilzebe.com. To purchase the course, please click here.

You can also come with your own group or you can find study-buddies in our closed Facebook group "Immerse in Latvian with Ilze Be".