Now, you can order video recordings for your Latvian stories!

This is how it works:

Record audio or video of you reading your story or your conversation with your family member(s).
Gather images or footage fragments that you would like to be used for illustration of your story.

People don't live forever. Memories fade. Stories die. It's later than you think. 
Don't delay any longer.  Give this invaluable gift to yourself and future generations.

Watch fragments of illustrated stories

Below, you'll see a video montage of fragments of several stories posted in the Facebook group "What's Your Latvian Story?" These stories are read by Ilze Be, the founder of the group. 

Authors of these stories did not submit any images for illustrations. We used pieces of video footage from a paid database to add illustrations to these fragments. You can reduce costs of the project by submitting your own photos or video footage that we can use to illustrate your story.

Request subtitles in English or Latvian as an added feature. For instance, if you read a story in English, you can send us the text of what you read. We'll translate it in Latvian and add as subtitles to your video. We can also transcribe a conversation and add the transcription as subtitles in either English or Latvian language.

Watch the demonstration below.

Email addresses for discussing your project: OR

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