My video about BODY PARTS in Latvian

I’m guessing you here because you saw my video where I teach names of body parts in Latvian. Or, maybe you received my email invitation to visit this page. If the second case is true and you haven’t seen the video, I have embedded it below.

In the video, I’m teaching 25 Latvian words that go under the title Body Parts. It’s good to accumulate some vocabulary before you start learning Latvian grammar. Grammar is needed in order to understand how to assemble words together in sentences.

Names of body parts are also useful in the case you have a health problem and you need to let others know about it. You’ll certainly need some other words to say what’s wrong with you. The immediate one that comes into mind, of course, is “hurts”. In Latvian that would be “sāp“. I didn’t include it in the video because it doesn’t quite go under the title. So, you have it here.

Now, watch the video if you haven’t seen it yet or skip it and read further if you have.


I’ve created additional resources to show you how some of these 25 words look when used in sentences.

The additional FREE resources

In order to get those additional resources, you should let me know that you’re interested in receiving them. How to do that? Maybe you already received them via email if you filled out the form that pops up as you land on this page.

If you closed the pop-up window without filling out the form, don’t worry. Just refresh the page in your browser and the form will pop up again.

Here’s what you’ll receive in that additional part:

  • There are 3 short dialogues that my son and I read in roles. In those diherealogues, we use the names of body parts in sentences, including in questions. Questions are important to learn because they help you to collect information.
  • When you download the PDF file that I also send via e-mail, you’ll notice that the names of body parts look slightly different from how they appear in the video. That’s because they are used in different cases when sentences.

I teach about cases in my course Latvian 4 English Speakers. I offer it on sale 3 times a year. Check out my page About L4ES to learn more.

But, if you missed the previous vocabulary class that I posted last week, here’s the link to it: Vocabulary Class on Meals



Ilze Be is a Latvian born American educator, entrepreneur and public speaker.

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