the Basic Must-Have Knowledge:

You might have already learned some words and sentences from communicating with people, but in order to proceed and add to your vocabulary little by little, knowing how to pronounce words that you look up is essential. It is also essential to know how to write down words when you hear them pronounced. Check out this video how one Brazilian woman landed a job thanks to that skill.

I have developed a thorough course where you can practice pronouncing sounds syllable by syllable, write small dictations and check your progress, listen to short narratives and songs and try to distinguish words and words combinations within them, fragments from movies and more. 

 I also created a lighter version of the course without all that fun stuff for particularly busy folks who want to get through it faster.

One course, 2 Versions. Pick the one that suits you best.

A very thorough course not only for beginners, but also for learners with preliminary knowledge of spoken Latvian.

A lighter course comprising parts from the original Sounds & Writing course that will take less time to complete.

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