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SIA DODAM is a Latvian translation company incorporated in 2006. Over the years, we have had thousands of satisfied clients all over the world. Most of our clients have been businesses or government institutions as well as larger European translation companies. 

Translation industry has always been international by its nature.  We keep our costs low by having a small team working out of our office in Valmiera to serve walk-in clients. Translators work from their homes.

The core team of SIA DODAM consists of its three owners: Irina Shilova and Maija Alberta working from Latvia, and Ilze Berzina working from the USA.

Irina Shilova

Irina Shilova

Maija Alberta

Maija Alberta

Ilze Berzina is  the sole owner of ILZE BE LLC. 

Apart from SIA DODAM, Ilze Berzina is a founder and owner of a small Latvian property management company SIA 2 ROOSTERS. After she moved to the USA, she had to learn new ways of working online and getting her voice heard. That's when she created for learners of Latvian that you can buy on this website. 

Currently, she is focusing on real estate business in the USA which has been her other area of interest since 2012 in Latvia. In order to get help she needs, she coaches and trains business assistants so that people can find jobs by serving her and entrepreneurs like her. 

Ilze Berzina

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